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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an inclusive Business Association serving our members in Carrigtwohill and its hinterlands, by building strong relationships between our members, the local community and locally elected representatives and other bodies. This will be achieved through social networking, community interaction and active lobbying on key issues of interest to our members and also by offering a range of tools to help Carrigtwohill’s businesses develop and promote their products and services both locally and beyond.


  • Promote our local businesses in Carrigtwohill and its hinterland

  • Maximise our membership to facilitate growth and synergy for all businesses in Carrigtwohill

  • Develop and implement strategic marketing campaign

  • Develop our Website & Facebook Page to its maximum potential

  • Establish an affinity programme and member to member discount scheme

  • Establish ourselves as one of the most influential business groups in the East Cork region through our ongoing relationships with the local area office of Cork County Council and local elected representatives and other bodies

  • Work towards establishing a Joint Working Group on the development of Carrigtwohill

  • Host networking meetings and other events designed to further enhance the standards and quality of services to our Association and to the wider community

  • Cooperate in organising such events as the Christmas Tree Lighting event in December, and other festival and seasonal events etc.


  • Active promotion of Members products and services through online media:

    • Website :

    • Facebook Page Promotion on: “Businesses of Carrigtwohill” Page

    • Local Consumer Database Email Campaigns

    • Promotion of Members Business to Business Email Campaign

  • Develop Group Discounts for members through CBA Affinity Programme and Member to Member offers through the CBA Loyalty Card.

  • Networking Opportunities with monthly networking events

  • Opportunity for knowledge sharing through expert talks

  • Active lobbying group on issues of relevance and importance to our members by becoming a single voice for all members

  • Active ongoing engagement with the local Community Council and the local resident’s Association, etc. on issues of relevance and importance to our members and the community

  • Permanent liaison to the Community Council

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