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Investing To Grow

Get to Know Me - Conor McCarthy

B.Sc  Business          M.Sc  Marketing      QFA Qualified Financial Advisor       Coaching QQI6

Since 2001, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in business.  With an M.Sc in Marketing and as a Qualified Financial Advisor for the past 15 years I've noticed that even with the best marketing plan or financial plan, clients often need mentoring or a coach to meet with regularly to bounce off and overcome obstacles.   Life can get in the way or just simply the stress of being self employed and having nobody we can really trust to speak to can weigh us down and even more so now in these uncertain times. Being in business can be a lonely place and we often need help to examine how we can move forward without the fear of being judged or the perception of being vulnerable or incompetent.   I am here to provide my clients with a safe haven from the stress and fear at present and achieve a more positive outlook to overcome any obstacles stopping them from getting to their goals.  As a coach, I believe we all know what we need to do to live the life we want, we just need structure and feedback from someone who has our back 100% and only wants the very best for us. For example, no professional golfer can see themselves swing so they trust their coach or mentor to play this role. 

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